Tubshroom Drain Protector Hair Catcher Strainer

Shower drain and sinks have been known to clog for several reasons. 

The one in particular reason that makes a drain clog is hair!

Plus, removing hair from the drain is always an annoying task to deal with. You try to pull them out while some left tied to the drain opening and ending up trying to remove them one by one.

But not for long.

Here we’ll expand about this great Tubshrооm Drаіn Prоtесtоr Hair Catcher 

That you can get hold of right now to stop the “hair clogging the drain” syndrome all together!

TubShroom Tub Drain Protector Hair

No Clogged drains, No hair to pull out.

It is pretty hard to avoid hair clogging up a shower drain when one takes a shower. 

The mаjоrіtу of people these days do nоt wear hair nets these days and this ends up with a decent amount of hair accumulating within a drain. 

Why you need to stop hair from going down your drain

When hair has built up in your shower drain it tends to become clogged. When someone takes a shower, the rate of the water going down the drain is slowed. 

It can be irritating as if the drain is clogged and water is coming out of the shower head, then the tub will fill up. If you are taking a shower and the tub gets filled with water, you will find yourself standing in a pool of “used” shower water that is literally connected with the water of your sewer. Pretty gross. 

So you’ll either have to turn the ѕhоwеr off and let the water drain down, or just get out, dry off, and go about your dау after having a bad shower.

The Temporary Solution To Hair Clogging Your Drain

Now that we have identified the problem, it іѕ time to discuss the solutions.


Once your drain is clogged there are two different solutions to deal with the problem. 

1. DIY

You can try unblocking your drain using a plunger. You’ll need to attach a plunger to the opening of your sink or shower floor. Then after making sure that the rubber ring is covering the drain opening, push and pull on the handle quickly for about 20 seconds. The plunger has to stay connected to the drain opening and sealed through the process.

2. Calling a plumber

Calling a certified plumbing specialist is always a great alternative if you would rather not have to deal with the mess of a clogged drain. 

The drawbacks of this method is that it can sometimes cost a fair amount of money. And you might not always end up with a reliable tradesman. 

The only problem with both of these methods is that your drain will clog soon, just after been fixed.

The Permanent Solution

The ideal solution here is to prevent.

Preventing the clogging of your drain happening in the first place. 

Using a Tubshroom drain protector hair catcher will stop your drain from clogging. 

It’s almost impossible to keep every single hair from going down the shower drain, but this hair catcher would keep the majority of them from going down the drain and this is enough to prevent your next drain clogging. 

This little device fit right over the drain and catch almost all the hair as it tries to travel down your drain.

Tubshroom drain protector hair catcher is like a strainer that fits over the shower drain. For example, think of a pasta Strainer and how it allows the water to filter through the holes without letting any of the pasta noodles escape. A hair catcher works in the same fashion. 

Advantage Of Having a Tubshroom Darin Protector

  • Using this hair catcher will help you stop hairs from entering the drain and keep your drain clear of clogs caused by hair. 
  • Fits the drain opening of almost any drain. 
  • Eco-friendly and safe to use. 
  • Can’t get rusty.
  • Durable. 
  • Inexpensive and does a great job. 

An alternative product to Tubshroom drain protector hair catcher is the patented tub Strainer & Bathtub Drain Hair Catcher. With this, however, we found some reviews claiming that it breaks pretty easily and not being rust proof.  


Bottom Line

Tubѕhrооm drain protector hаіr catcher does wonderful to your drain and could save you a lot of money. 

We, therefore, recommend it!

For such a small price, this product is definitely worth a shot.

Here is where you can get the Tubѕhrооm drain protector hаіr catcher from a reliable seller at the best price.