How to eliminate the odor at your house and make it smell great

purifying air at home

As one who have experienced it firsthand I can totally identify with anyone that is facing the phenomenon of a musty smell in their house. 

Coming back to your home, opening the door, taking a breath and realising that your home smells, isn’t a pleasant thing. Moreover it can become frustrating over time if you try to get rid of the odor without luck.

Apart of the embarrassment of inviting guest over to visit, living in a house that has a musty or awkward smell could make the staying at your home uncomfortable at at times might even be unhealthy if the root of the ordor problem is due to mold. 

But don’t worry. 

After months of trying I’ve eventually got rid of the house odor for good and here you’ll find out how you can do it too. 

And the good news is? It doesn’t even have to cost much. 

So let’s have a look at how you can remove the house odor in a few simple steps.

Before everything you do, to ensure the musty smell in your house is just a strange odor and not any larger issue that could potentially affect the health of the living at your home, the first thing to do is to:

Eliminate any mold in your house

look for any signs of mold or wet spots. These can be commonly found around places in your house that contain water pipes – like under your sinks in the kitchen or bathroom. In some cases, mold can also be found in your walls and ceiling. This may be simply because of temperature differences between the inside and outside of your house but it could also mean a more serious issue that is related to a leak or a structural problem of your wall/ceiling. Whatever the cause of mold is, if you have it you must take care of it first.

If the mold is simply due to temperature changes or because of water damage that has already been fixed there are many ways you can easily get rid of mold. Just spray it with some tea tree oil, vinegar, bleach or the most recommended and eco-friendly Borax powder!

Borax is amazing not only thanks to its mold removal capabilities but also for its so many other uses and qualities – Find out here all about how much brilliant Borax is

If the mold is caused due to a leak or more complex damp issue of your walls you may have to call a professional tradesman to inspect and resolve the problem. 

Once verifying you have no signs of mold it’s time to move on and look at how to eliminate the odor and make your house smell good. 

mold on a wall in house

And here are the steps to make your home smell amazing once again.

1. Clean your house and wash floors regularly

While may seem obvious, cleaning your house is the first step in making it smell well. The spots that can give off bad smells in your house are bins and garbage cans, ashtrays, pet beds, litter boxes, etc. Make sure to empty the bins and ashtrays regularly. Treat the areas where your pets spend time and make sure they are clean. Also, clean your fridge every once in a while as fridges tend to get smelly after some time. 

Clean your house from dust at least once a month and wash the floor once every week. Properly washing the floor and giving the house a good clean can really improve its smell.

2. Ground Coffee

vGround Coffee is an amazing odor eliminator. This by far was one of the most effective ingredients that helped me remove the musty smell at my house. It seems to help in both absorbing the funky odor and making the house smell good. I knew ground coffee helps to remove odors from fridges but didn’t think to use for elimination the odor at home. At some point, I just thought to give it a try and it works wonders. Simply place a small amount of ground coffee in a few cans and spread them around the interior of your house. You’ll start feeling the difference straight away. 

coffee beans

3. Use an air purifier

Air purifiers have a lot of benefits. Researches discovered that the air at your home is actually filthier than the air outdoors. Sometimes even more than you’d expect. 

Except for cleaning the air the other benefit that comes with air purifiers is that they can help significantly in removing strange odors at your home. An air purifier is an affordable and easy way to help in making your home smell great. 

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4. Get an Aroma oil diffuser

If moisture and humidity is not an issue your home suffers from then an Aromatherapy oil diffuser, also known as a humidifier is a great device you should get to improve the good smell at your home. Humidifiers are affordable easy to use an can help you achieve the atmosphere that is right for you by allowing you to use aromatherapy oil scents customized to your choice. Another good thing about oil diffusers is that some of the oils (e.g. lavender, clove, tea tree, etc.) used with the humidifier are also beneficial to your health. 

Humidifiers are pretty simple devices and therefore there is no need to buy an expensive one. Research we’ve made discovered that the expensive ones don’t actually provide any real benefit than the simpler ones (except maybe time settings that you don’t get with some of the cheaper options) and aren’t rated as well. So even if added benefits existed in pricier humidifiers what’s the use in that if the device doesn’t work properly?

You can, however, buy a diffuser that adds to the design of the room you’ll be placing it in.

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5. Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags

Charcoal air purifying bags could be another quiet effective odor eliminator when it comes to freshening the air in small spaces, like wardrobes, small rooms or cars. The bag contains natural, chemical-free charcoal that helps in absorbing odors and purifying the air. And if you consider buying a bamboo charcoal air purifying bag, then definitely go for Moso which is the best type of these bags currently available in the market. Read more about the Moso air purifying bags and compare with other bamboo charcoal air purifying bag. 

moso air purifying bag

Making your house smell good is taking care of one problem, but it might as well be just taking care of the symptoms of a larger underlying problem. This means that once you stop taking the efforts to make your home smell well, the musty odor will come back. Therefore you’d probably also want to take the following action to further guarantee your house odor issue is solved. 

Balance the moisture

If the climate in the area that you live in is humid, try to avoid using items that can trap moisture like wall-to-wall carpets and rugs.

Also make sure that other sources of moisture like towels, floor cloths, bath mats, and sponges are maintained well. Replace your towels and sponges every couple of weeks and make sure that any fabric item you put away is being properly dried.

If you already know your house has a moisture problem try using a good Dehumidifier

You can also place Moisture Absorbers crystals in the closets around your house. 

If you don’t know whether there is a moisture problem at your home, a hygrometer can help you detect one. You can use it to test humidity and if you find that any room has above 60%, get a Dehumidifier or take further action to balance the moisture.