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Hello and thank you for taking the time to explore Shelfpick.

Shelfpick was created for helping consumers overcome the endless time and money consuming process when it comes to acquiring products and information online. 

Time consuming because of the research required for finding the best products at the best price or the right piece of information you are looking for. 

Money consuming because if you get the wrong product / information  from the wrong source, chances are your money will be turning into thin air. 

As a consumer I spend a lot of time making a throughout research on every product I buy. From my experience making every research like that before buying a desired product takes many hours of your precious time.  So if I already make the research, buy products and can recommend on those that really makes a great choice, than why not share it with other that are looking for the same?!

Why to get what you're looking for on Shelfpick?

First, let’s start by that I have absolutely no interest offering you nothing but the best products  at the most competitive prices I could find online. 

Since what I earn from this at the end of the day (and that as well only in some of the cases) is a very small fee as an affiliate, while there’s no significance to who is the seller, I always make a profound research to provide you with links to only the most reliable sellers that offers the best market prices. All of the products I publish on Shelfpick are products I’ve bought and tested myself. In many cases bought them from these same sellers you are being referred to . Other published items are products that have been tested and found to be amazing by our article authors.

Shelfpick is offering only best must have items when every product is carefully picked to offer:

The Best Price

Making sure that you get the product you’re looking for at the best possible price is at my top priority. That is so that you will be as pleased as possible from your purchases and come back to use Shelfpick in your future researches for items online. 

Don’t believe it? Go to any of the product links on Shelfpick and compare the product’s price with prices offered by other sellers of the same product. 

Please bear in mind that by the definition of “best price” we also include the taking into account of a seller you can trust and shipping costs. 

The Best Quality Product

All of the items that are published on Shelfpick are chosen by me after a throughout research that I make about each and every product. Every product like this is also bought and tested by me or by Shelfpick’s trustworthy writers for a minimum of 2 month. The ensures you get only top quality and tested goods. 

The Best Seller

The reliability of seller is another factor that should stand at your top priority when buying any item. In the links to the product pages on Shelfpick you’ll find only decent sellers that will provide you with top quality new products, at perfect condition. Guaranteed!

Another goal we have in mind when linking to products is that they’ll be offered at the fastest delivery times and with a money back guarantee.