The Best Home Air Purifier For Allergies in 2019

You might be of the few that have not heard about air purifier for allergies, so let’s have a quick look into what is air purifier and how it can improve your life. 

Air purifier for allergies is a device that has several internal fans which tug the air from your home and then makes it pass through several filters in order to remove bacteria, dust and harmful chemicals. It can help you keep the air at your property free from harmful substances for healthier, fresh air in every breath you take.  

Probably the best Air purifier for allergies you could get and the one we’ll review today is the UN103. It specialises in repeating the same process of purifying the air several times in every hour ensuring your environment for the home is clean and safe. 

Air Purifier UN103

How Can Air Purifier Improve Your Life

Cleaning the air from harmful particles

There are several reports from EPA says, indoor air is always dirtier. The report even said in some cases they had found it to be as much as 100 times dirtier than outside. But in general, it’s about 5 times dirtier. The UN103 air purifier for allergies ensures that the air is breathable and would help in keeping you healthy. 

Remove Odors

The UN103 air purifier for allergies will not only purifies the air but also removes the odor from your home of any kind. If you like cooking, have pets at home or living in an area where the air tends to get smelly for any reason this air purifier device can help you in making your place smell better.  

Reduce Pet allergies

Do you have a pet at home? If you do, you most probably already know that many people are allergic to the fur of animals. Even if you are not allergic to pet’s fur any visitor you have might get an allergic reaction when they drop by. Having a air purifying system in the house can help you reduce allergic reactions to pet’s fur at your place. Not only that, while there is a pet in the home there is the odor. The UN103 air purifier would remove that along with the allergies which may occur with anyone when you have pets at home.

Neutralising smoke

If you have a family member who loves to smoke or got a fireplace then purifying the air plays an important role. Smoke of cigarettes is very harmful and it’s therefore important to remove any smoke substances like carbon monoxide that is releases from burning by smoke to the open air. You might also want to filter the smell of smoke in the house for clean feeling air. The UN103 air purifier can help in removing any smoke particles that could cause damage to your health. 

Captures bacteria

With the The UN103 air purifier the air is going through several filters in order to be purified and can literally remove any type of bacteria from the air. In the process of recycling the air multiple times through the air purifier system it removes germ and bacteria from the air making it clean and safe to breathe. 

Air Purifier UN103 Options



  • Relatively Silent than other ones available in the market.
  • Safe to use in even children’s room and has a child function in it. If you would use it in the children room, it is important to have this safety swift on.
  • Removes all types of pollutants and allergens; dust, pollen, pet dander, dust mites etc. 
  • Could help with many types of allergies including asthma, hay fever, pet fur allergies and more. 
  • Comes in a modern and attractive design.
  • So far haven’t found any negative points.

Alternative Air Purifiers

Another alternative air purifier is the Winix U450. The main problem of it however is that the product is not too user-friendly and being expensive. There are reviews which states that also the filers are very expensive when you need to change it. 2 other issues with the Winix U450 from some of the reviews is that it is noisy and does not have a timer too. So if you would use it while sleeping, it would run throughout the night. 

Another product would be Levoit B077HSND9Z Air Purifier. This seems like a decent alternative air purifier although this one as well is more than twice the price of the UN103 and another issue is that the it is massive. 

Final Thoughts

The reason the Air purifier for allergies UN 103 is our choice for an air purifier is that it is cheaper, well designed and has great reviews online. The writer have been using is for more than 4 months at the time of writing the review and had only great things to write about it. 

Find out reviews and more about the UNBEATEN air purifier for allergies now on Amazon.