The new alternatives to stitches

Whenever we receive an injury or a deep cut in life, one of the first things that we do is look for a way to close it up. For the longest time, that technology has been the old classic: stitches. 

Stitching an injury back up has been common practice since the Medieval times, but it’s still a pretty primitive and invasive procedure that is gradually changing. 

At the moment, there are some interesting new technologies being developed which could, in time, take over from classic stitches as the preferable way to seal up an injury.

This has become common practice for many people and clinics already. Stitches are being replaced by more skin friendly, stress-free solutions. In time, we might see stitches removed entirely from the way that we seal up a wound.

Important Note: Before starting to look into the alternatives to stitches currently available to you today, it is important to note that these solutions should not be applied without the required how-to knowledge and skill. Using stitches alternatives requires proper hygiene standards like any medical procedure and should be applied correctly. It should therefore be used as a solution to seal a deep cut or wound only only until you get to the nearest hospital’s ED.

We won’t recommend to use these as the permanent solution for an inquiry but as a first aid treatment to have in your first aid kit for any trouble that we hope won’t be, this could one could really help.   

So without further due; 

Here are 2 of the stitches free solutions that you could get over the counter and online today:

3m Steri-Strip

Another alternative that is gaining traction at the moment is the 3m Seri-Strip. A surgical skin closure unit. It appears to be working well for the majority of users and what’s best about it is the low cost price per unit. 

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How it works:

The Stri-strip works by offering a simple way to close up a wound using adhesive skin closures. It is placed between both sides of the wound, then stretched across opposite sides and stuck on the skin to hold it shut. It can secure, close and shut wounds at different sizes with a variety of strip length from 1.5-5 inch (75-100mm metric). It is made from a non-woven, rayon-backed material which provides a simple way to shut up the wound and stem the flow of the bleeding.

The 3m Stri-strip can be easily stored at your first aid kit and be used to quickly to seal up an injury.  It helps in making sure that at an emergency the damage does not get any worse until more proper treatment is achieved. It also helps to lower the risk of infection during that time. 

It is probably the best product to opt for when looking for an alternative to stitches as in a first aid solution, because they are affordable, effective and easily applied with a minimum of fuss. 

The 3m Stri-strip is find to be useful in providing comfort, increasing tensile strength to the wound, and minimising scarring marks for the long-term.


One important needles-free solution has come from DermaClip. A non-invasive skin closer that has become popular and is already replacing the old school stitches and grafting procedures in some clinics. The Dermaclip has been used successfully in thousands of recorded patients replacing staple gun, stitches and skin glues. 

It is currently only seem to be sold via the Dermaclip company’s website and isn’t really seem to be available on other online ecommerce sites like Amazon or Ebay. 

A similar type of stitch less wound closer the zip-stitch, which works quiet the same way but seems to be less gentle to use and also cost much more than the other available options. 

How it works:

By using an adhesive clip that is carefully placed on both sides of wound, it is then closed with small zip ties to add the needed pressure for closing the cut up. This comes without any of the usual pain that you would receive with a surgery that requires stiches. It requires no puncturing or damaging of the skin. become a common choice for those in emergency situations, as well as for those who lack proper medical training.

In conclusion

 At the moment there are a few stitches free solutions available in the market. The purpose of all is to provide you with a first aid response to deep wounds and cuts until a professional medical help is sought. Because of the the 3m Stri-stip being the most affordable and most accessible of all, it currently seems to be the ideal solution for the average person that looks to include a stitches alternative treatment in his/her first aid kit.