How to Remove Bad Smell From Sandals and Flip flops

If you’re tired of your sandals having the smell of aged cheese and can’t seem to find a way to get rid of that odor, here you’ll find the solution. 


After having the same problem for quite some time and trying all kind of useless “tips” I’ve found online, I’ve eventually found the only solution that does really works! 

sandals on the beach

When handling sandals that stinks, It’s important to understand that what causes the bad smell is bacteria.


Most of the bacteria that create odor is coming from the sweat on your feet so make sure to wipe your feet with a towel before using the sandals. 


Depending on which sandals or flip flops you have different methods could be more or less effective. I however got one of those types of sandals that tends to stink the most and the solution I’m about to share with you have worked on them like no other. 


The Cure

The one and only product you should be looking for to get rid of the sandals’ odor is isopropyl alcohol


Here is the most potent isopropyl alcohol which you can get on Amazon.

isopropyl alcohol

And the method is easy: 

1. Take a cotton wool ball.

2. Soak it well with isopropyl alcohol.

3. Clean your sandals or flip-flops with the soaked cotton ball. 

4. Let the shoes dry completely before wearing them again. 

That’s it.  

Most of the other methods people are recommending may help in preventing the odor but only alcohol truly does kill the bacteria and keep your sandals stink-free (for a while).  


Notes about this method


Make Sure that both your feet are and the sandals are fully dry before putting them back on. 

If you don’t, the moist will probably make your efforts worthless by allowing the bacteria set in, and you may also harm the materials on the footbed.

 Also, beware that if you have a cut or a wound on your feet the contact with isopropyl alcohol might sting when you first put the shoes back on. Let the sandals enough time to air out after the treatment. Wipe the dry sandals with a dry paper towel to remove some of the excess substance. And use a band-aid when needed. 

Important things to bear in mind

There’s no permanent solution


If you are using your sandals and have the odor problem it will come back every now and then, so your goal is to use the method that keeps away the smell for as long as possible.  


Avoid Moisture


Water creates moisture, which promotes the development of bacteria development. 

Many of the solutions that bloggers post online are including the use of water. 

They’ll suggest that you wash your sandals with water and soap or clean it with a mixture of vinegar and water, etc. These suggestions are wrong!  

I’ve tried them all and no matter how much you dry your sandals after washing them, the smell won’t go away and sometimes even get worse. So avoid any method that involves water or other liquids that aren’t vaporizing.  

We hope you find this information helpful and that from now on you can enjoy your days with a fresh pair of sandals 🙂

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