Inglesina Fast Table Chair - The Best Toddler Table Chair.

Let me start off by saying congratulations for being a parent!

You’ve made it this far and I’m sure it wasn’t an easy road. But with the Inglesina fast table chair, I bet it will help you lighten the load a little.

Stick around and find out more about this incredible portable high high seat.

Inglesina Fast table chair

As a first time parent, I didn’t know one of the first thing about parenting let alone; what to do when it’s food time. Every time we went to meet family, friends or just to travel around the question of where our baby girl will seat had become an issue. 

Thankfully, I was able to find my way through the first few months. 

With a little luck, in one of our visits to my spouse’s family dinner a relative of her introduced us to the Inglesina fast table chair. Everyone around the table was amazed by this portable baby seat that doubles up as a hook on chair that also works as a great travel high chair. 

It is easily attached in just a few seconds to almost any type of table and holds toddlers of up to 17kg (suitable for babies between 6 to 36 months).

Finding the right toddler chair is quite hard and time-consuming. The Inglesina fast table chair provides everything you could desire from a good child table seat so that your baby could enjoy his/her meals and you can have a piece of mind. 

Let’s have a look at why is that so. 

What is the Inglesina fast table chair?

The Inglesina fast table chair is a portable high chair that was designed with parents and babies in mind. This device is one of those Must-Haves for any first-time parent. 

It works by providing you with an instant chair for your child wherever you go. It is easily portable and comes with a travel bag for all your baby’s supplies. The bag is actually integrated as a part of the seat so it never gets lost. 

How the Inglesina fast table Chair works

The Inglesina fast table chair works by hooking onto your table and providing your baby with an instantaneous seat on the dinner table. 

Just slide the chair onto any table top, secure it by tightening the two rotating clamps on the two sides of the chair and that’s it!

You can even hook it on a restaurant table provided that it has enough stability. It simply  works great everywhere and specially suitable for you parents on-the-go. 

Outstanding Features of the Inglesina Fast Table Chair

1. Easy to clean

The portable table chair is made from a material that’s easy to clean. Simply un-snap the fabric cover, remove the arms and back seat insert and put into the washing machine. Instructions are provided with the chair, makes it super-fast and easy to have the chair cleaned whenever needed. 

2. Safe and durable

The Inglesina Fast Table chair is made from durable material that will last for many years. Being it made in the Italy you can trust the strict EU health and safety standards that makes it safe to use. It comes with a twist-tight coupling that enable the chair to stay secured to the table safely. 

3. Portable design

Aside from the fact that the chair gives your baby an instant seat on the table, it’s also portable. The Inglesina Fast Table chair comes in a collapsible design that makes it easy to carry around. You can easily pack it and carry to the next destination. Also the materials are light so you won’t feel the weight that usually comes with a portable high chair. 

4. Very comfortable 

The full sized high chair makes it a spacious and very comfortable table chair for any toddler. It enables your child to seat right above the table too so there is no space left between the seat and table for food to drop and leave a mess everywhere. 

5. Extra carrying space

Having trouble finding the right place to put your baby’s supplies? Well, don’t sweat it. With the Inglesina Fast Table chair, you will be able to carry the extra baby supplies in the fast table chair. That’s because it comes with a handy storage pocket which ensures you will have instant access to wipes, toys among others.  

6. Made in Italy

Designed in Italy the seat comes in a stylish Italian finish that will put you on the spotlight when you go to any mom event. This design is simply comfortable for both you and your baby. Get the chance to watch your little one smile whenever it’s time to eat. 

Being it made in Italy also means European safety standards. Something that is always crucial when it comes to your baby. 


My first experience with Inglesina Fast Table chair

My first experience with Inglesina Fast Table chair 

I must admit I’ve tried a couple of different products before settling for this design. One of them included the Polar Gear Cintura chair. As much as the Polar chair was quite convenient, it needed to support itself on a seat that’s comfortable for my baby.

So in case we were at a restaurant with my baby, it was hard for her to reach on to the table. That is why I continued searching for a different product until I found the Inglesina Fast Table chair. 

My first experience with the Inglesina chair was when we were on a date night with my spouse. Normally, it takes us a lot of time just to set our baby in the right position on the table. But it took us literally no time when using the Inglesina Fast Table chair. The best part is that my baby got the chance to enjoy the time we shared together. It was so easy to carry the portable high chair and use it, we were absolutely astonished.  



  • The chair weighs about 4.2 pounds hence making it easy to carry around.
  • Comes in a washable and durable material.
  • Amazing design with a feel of a little armchair.
  • Collapsible hence making it even more portable.
  • Comes with twist-tight couplings. This ensures that it’s safe and secure for your kid.
  • Very comfortable and sticks right above the table which provides the ultimate eating experience for your baby.
  • The device comes with a lifted backrest that makes it comfortable and convenient.
  • The grooves inside the baby chair might be a bit difficult to clean. 

In Summary…

The Inglesina Fast Table chair will completely change your life. If you’d like to get the chance to enjoy the bond between you, your other half and your child in every dining than the Inglesina Fast Table chair is by far the best choice of high table seat. 

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