The Best Portable Scanner for home and travelling 

Doxie Go

Since my first job the nature of work was one that consisted of lot of printing and scanning on the go. 

I was looking for a travel scanner that can fulfil my business needs without worrying about the quality of the scan – Colour or Black & White.

The Doxie Go SE portable scanner gave me the ease of scanning tons of pages fast.

 Whether you are a student or a professional, this scanner would help you at times when you need scanning work done efficiently, fast and at premium quality. 

Ever been in a situation where you have a hard copy of a document or an image you need to scan at good quality and email to someone in a rush? 

If it weren’t for the Doxie Go SE portable scanner, I would have probably lost my job by now. 

A good portable scanner is something that can save you hours of work and therefore money

If a full colour portable scanner is something that could help you improve your everyday work experience while being mobile, it’s definitely worth giving a go to the Doxie Go SE portable scanner.

Isn’t it just easier to use a mobile scanner app?

Well, while mobile phone apps for scanning hardcopy documents might be a viable solution for some there are 3 main issues with mobile phone scanner apps:

1. Average scan quality – I haven’t yet found an app that scans in as great quality as the Doxie portable scanner. 

2. No real a colour scan – With mobile scanner apps you basically take a photo and turns it to black & white images. So what you get with these apps are basically photos and not scanned colours. 

3. Emailing issues – The emailing feature that comes with some of the mobile phone scanner apps tend to have problems with sending the scanned files when you need it most. This was actually another significant reason that pushed me towards seeking for a more reliable portable scanning alternative. 

4. Isn’t friendly to any user – Elder people might find it difficult to understand and use scanner apps. 

Now, Let’s dive into the product.

The Doxie Go SE portable scanner is tiny, simple-to-use, and don’t require a mobile to operate it. You can scan anywhere, anytime without anything else — just a crisp, clean copy which can easily be uploaded on your computer, Dropbox, Evernote, or iCloud. 

The Good

  • The design – The Doxie portable scanner have a simple and attractive design that also makes the device durable. 


  • WiFi feature – No need to connect anything with a wire. Just press the Wifi button, and you get connected with your PC or MacBook. 


  • Completely wireless – You only need to charge the device with an AC adapter. After the device is charged, you can use it freely anywhere. 


  • The device comes with seamless integration with Photoshop, Evernote, iPhoto, Picasa, Dropbox, and Google Drive.


  • A huge Storage – The internal storage of the Doxie (due to their statement) can hold up to 1,800 scans. And if you need more room you can always go for a storage card. 


  • The Doxie comes with a built-in OCR functionality. This is a technology which helps the scanner recognize the text faster and make the scanning fast. This means that that the overall efficiency of the scanner is improved with the OCR technology. 


  • Easy-to-use – Even a child can scan because the supplement software is just a step-by-step and so easy to understand. I was glad when I came to know that my father who is above 60 years of age, scanned a document successfully without even calling me for help (Actually, the only time when he didn’t call me for help with a tech device). 


Just like everything else Doxie Go Wi-Fi has its negatives. Overall the company did an excellent job to overcome all the needs of their customers, but still, there were few things which I think could be improved. 

The Bad

  • No double-sided scanning – You can only scan one side at a time. Although both sides can be separately scanned, that will, of course, consume some time.
  • I didn’t understand the logic behind hiding the Wi-Fi button. It is not in front; you need to dig in to find the button. 
  • Scanning the items could be easier with a document feeder for scanning a high volume of A4 pages. 

Final thoughts

The Doxie scanner is an impressive compact scanner that It is well-thought and could significantly improve the scanning experience of anyone who need to scan a lot on the go.

If you have tasks that involves scanning and while travelling, this is your time-saving gadget. 

If you are looking for a small, portable, smart and simple scanner, this is one is a great choice.  

Check out the reviews and more info about the Doxie Go Scanner on Amazon. 

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