The two must have universal adapters

Being a frequent traveler, I travel a lot to various countries for business and pleasure. As a business person, it is essential for me to keep my electronic devices charged at all times. 

I’ve found that whenever I go on a trip, there is this one thing that I worry about a lot. What if, I stay in a place where I cannot charge my devices? 

The solution came to me while I was searching on the internet for a device that I can carry wherever I go. 

I’ve found quite a few travel adaptors online but didn’t want to buy another cheap adaptor that would make me all sorts of issues like some I’ve already faced with when using different adaptors.

I also wanted it to be able to convert any type of international electricity input to any type of output.

And yet wanted an adaptor that is not too expensive but did the job well. 

If you travel a lot and also are concerned about not being able to find an appropriate socket to charge all your digital devices, these are the solutions that you’re looking for. An Amazing universal and low-cost travel adaptors that you can use without worrying about damaging your electronic appliances. 

I have plugged a few of my devices to these adaptors and never had any issues.

A relief for me.

Because with other adaptors I had issues with my devices heating up and having to position the adaptor in a certain way in order to be able to use it. 

Without any further due, let’s dive into the advantages of this amazing devices and why you must have them with you on your next trip. 

International Travel Adapter With USB Ports

International Travel Adapter usb

With this incredible adaptor you’ll be able to charge all of your electric devices. Even those that are charged via USB. 

Built in Fuse Protection – This international travel adaptor has a built-in fuse that will be fusing automatically when the current exceeds the specified limit.  Even more astonishing is the fact that there’s no need to ever changing the fuse, so you also get this protection cover – hassle free. 

The material is of the adaptor is of supreme quality and is fireproof. 

Specially designed for people who travel a lot: This is a perfect charger for people who travel a lot. Because of the issues with voltages internationally, at some places, 110V is used while on other places 220V is used. With this charger, you won’t worry about the voltages because the charger is suitable for use in more than 200 countries. 

Safe & Certified: The adaptor has an in-build safety shockproof. So even in thunder weather, the adaptor can prevent from high voltage to entering your appliances and safeguard them from getting damaged. 

The Smart Chip: The smart chip in the device can easily detect the voltages required for each device and adjust the current for each of the devices for fast and easy charging. 

Fast charging: Charge multiple instruments at once. With 4 USB ports (5v, 3.4A and max of 6.3A outputs) you can  simultaneously charge your appliances with a high speed charging. 


Cons: The only less convenient factor we could find with this device is that it’s not so suitable for use with high power appliances such as hair dryer, irons, hair straightener, etc. 

Important fact: Don’t believe any listing of international adapter that combines USB sockets that claim it is also suitable for charging high power devices. They aren’t and could damage your devices. 

For an international adapter that you can charge high power devices with get  adapter below: 

AU US EU UK to Universal World Travel AC Power Plug Converter Adapter

International Travel Adapter

Are you worried about using electric devices that requires high power (of up to 2000w) with your travel adaptor? Did you ever blow a device due to the use of the wrong adaptor? 

Whether you did or trying to prevent this from happening – this universal world travel adapter will help you in you in that respect. 

A portable adaptor that is high power proof and is suitable for use in more than 150 countries. Converts almost any country plug to different country plugs. 

Like the the first international travel adaptor this adapter also have a surge protection to prevent high voltage from entering your devices and consist of a safety shutter too. 

This universal travel adaptor is made of quality fireproof material. 

If you have any high power devices like hair dryers, irons or hair straighteners it would be wise to get this adaptor for your next trip. You could get it in addition or instead of the first mentioned adaptor depends on your needs.  

Important Note: These adaptors are not Voltage converters. To avoid damaging your electric appliances never use 110V devices in 220v sockets. Always make sure you use the right current and voltage with your devices.