An Amazing Holographic Nail Polish By ILNP

When you need quality nail polish, one issue you have is finding a brand that makes a visible difference. 

Many nail polishes leave very little difference to your nails, which can be a frustration. 

If you want to find a brand and nail polish colour that leave a great impression the rich colour Holographic Nail Polish by ILNP Juliette is one that does just that. 

It’s a stylish, creative holographic nail polish that leaves a stand-out finish and, most importantly, changes up the kind of nail polish styles you might normally use. 

The feminine nature of the design means that you are left with a unique looking, creative nail polish that’s really easy to work with. The rich blend of ingredients of the product makes sure that you get a non-toxic nail polish that stays in place, spreads with relative ease and lasts for a long time to come. 

Unlike other nail polishes might start to chip, crack, and fall off during the evening: This holographic polish is made using a high quality ingredients that lasts even thru saltwater. 

INLP Nail Polish



  • A happy variety of rich colours to pick from that really adds to your polish collection.
  • Opaque finish that really adds an extra layer of glitter and glam to your style. 
  • Durable, non-chip polish that stays looking fresh for many hours to come. 
  • Good variety and quantity of sparkle in the design, ensuring it stays visible.
  • Takes quite some time to dry.
  • Can take multiple coats for a full coverage on each nail. 

Is The ILNP Nail Polish Safe?

Yes. The ILNP nail polish is safe to use. 

It is made using cruelty-free and vegan friendly ingredients and processes. It is also free from harmful and damaging chemicals which. This leaves you with a polish that you can wear knowing that there will be no lasting negative impact on the environment, your nails or your skin.

The ILNP brand by their own words takes its commitment to environmental and human safety seriously. 

Clean-up and nail care

Clean-up is nice and simple with this particular form of nail care. It’s relatively easy to wipe off using nail polish remover; even though it is resistant to chips, it does come off without too much hassle.

Final Thoughts

This is a high quality, glorious and glamorous nail polish that is fun to wear and one that is likely to draw the attention of the people around you at any social event. So be prepared for that 😉

It does a good job of coating your nails in a strong and durable nail polish coat. It also comes in a rich variety of depth in the colours you can choose from. 

If you’re looking for a great nail polish that has bit of a spark to it and is in different style than the nail polish you normally wear, the ILNP Holographic Nail Polish is a great one you should try out.