The Innovative First-aid Dressing to Heal a Burn Quickly

If you’ve been burnt, abraded your skin or suffering from the occurrence of other types of granulating wounds, this medical dressing can do wonders for your healing. 


The GRANUFLEX® by Convatech is an adherent dressing for treating exuding wounds fast and efficiently. 


Using it at the right time during the wound healing process could lead to amazing results. 


I’ve used it for minor burns that I had and also for quiet serious abrasion that I got after falling off my scooter. 


In just a few days after applying GRANUFLEX dressings, the wounds healed amazingly, leaving almost no scar or signs that the area has ever been hurt. 


If you’re looking to heal a burn or an abrasion fast the GRANUFLEX® hydrocolloid dressings by Convatech is your best shot. 


convatec granuflex dressings

Another character that makes these dressings great is that they look just like real skin, so they make the wounded area less noticeable too, which is awesome. 

There are other hydrocolloid dressings offered by Convatec and other manufacturers that I haven’t tried, so I can’t vouch for. The GRANUFLEX is, however, one of the best healthcare products I’ve ever come across. 

How does it work 

The dressing helps the body to heal the wound using its own natural healing process by promoting granulation and facilitating autolytic debridement.


The GRANUFLEX® dressing covers the wound while creating a skin-like, clean and moist wound environment, that prevents the wound from drying, protecting it from being rubbed or infected, and allows it’s natural healing process to occur.


During the healing process, necrotic tissue is removed in the speed of enzymatic debridement.

Benefits of using the GRANUFLEX® dressing 


  • Amazing healing – Fast healing, protects the wound, leaving minimum scarring. 
  • Easy to use – Flexible and easy to mold on the skin. 
  • Strong adherent – Each dressing can hold on your skin for up to 7 days.
  • Protecting the affected area – The dressings protects the wound from scrapes and rubs. 
  • Looks better – The “Skin like” appearance of the dressings makes the wound less visible and more like real skin.   
  • Made by Convatec which is the leading producer of hydrocolloid based products. 

The types of wounds can you heal with Granuflex

  • Minor burns – 1st and 2nd Degree.
  • Abrasions, scraped and rubbed skin. 
  • Pressure sores.
  • Donor sites, (after achieving hemostasis).
  • Granulating wounds. 
  • Wounds containing dry slough – When applying the dressings to wounds at this stage it prevents the loss of liquid vapor from the surface of the wounded skin area and rehydrates dead tissue, that is then removed by the natural healing of the cells and tissues.

This is an astonishing first aid product that you don’t need a prescription for. It is easy to use, relatively cheap and provides instant emergency help when you need it most. It should be included in every wise household’s first aid kit.