The Best Fitness Training Suspension Straps

Fitness straps, also known as suspension trainers, are one of the best investments for anyone that likes to workout. It can be used at home, at gyms or at any outdoor training facility. So you can use it even when you are travelling.

This Fitness Trainers has a lot of toning and fitness techniques that will go a long way to improving your general physic. 

If you are looking for the best way to work out without having to sacrifice a lot of space, or your money on a gym membership, then training straps are an ideal alternative. 

Fitness trainers are ideal for all levels of workout whether you are a beginner or training professionally.  

The market of suspension trainers is currently flooded with different products from different companies. If you thought of buying the original TRX suspension straps, then you might have to dig a little deeper in your pocket. 

But don’t worry, if you are on a budget and look for a great set of trainer straps there are still available options. 

Here is, in our option, the best TRX alternative, that also comes at a much lower price! 

TRX suspension alternative trainers

Why Are These the Best Body Fitness Trainers?

Here is why this trainers makes it the best Original TRX alternative: 

  • High Quality Material – The straps, carabiner hooks, tensile and door anchors are all made of great quality material that doesn’t snap.
  • Integrated door anchors: the body fitness resistance strap comes with anchors that will enable you to hook this device to your door. 
  • Adjustable bands – As with every decent fitness trainers the suspension straps are easy to adjust. 
  • Super sturdy – Ideal for both interior and exterior use
  • Easily portable – Comes with a carry bag for carrying around and weighs less than 2 pounds.
  • Best Price – These suspension trainers are available at much lower price than the original TRX.

Are there any down sides to these trainers?

Some users have found the straps to not be as professional as the ones they use at the gym. We could only assume that in the gym they are using the original TRX trainers. The TRX suspension trainers are currently the highest quality straps on the market there’s no argue in that. However, if you’re not a professional athlete there’s no need to invest in the most expensive trainers to get even the best results. 

What are fitness trainers for strap training?

Typically, a suspension trainer set will consist of handles and sets of straps that will help you suspend yourself off the floor. The aim is to work your core muscles as well as your arms using your bodyweight mostly. This helps to enhance your flexibility and add to your strength.

How does the Body Fitness Resistance Strap work?

The technology in this device is quite simple to grasp. The body fitness resistance straps works by using your own G-force to give you the resistance you need to work out certain muscles in your body. It also provides a significant amount of resistance to improve the exercise routine. 

Fitness suspension trainers can have the same effect as a full body workout at gym and even better. Using your bodyweight is a much healthier way to strengthen and shape your body if done right. If you are fairly new to working with fitness straps or would like to improve the results you desire from a strap training workout – This suspension strap exercise poster might help you in gaining the best out of your everyday strap training. 

The exercise poster comes with various workout routines that will keep you motivated all through your training sessions. If you’re not interested in hiring a personal trainer, the suspension exercise poster can help you diversify your workout sessions and keep your motivation levels up.

How Can Suspension Training Straps Improve Your Life?

Most people will be fooled by the minimalist design of the suspension training straps. However, you’ll be surprised to realise that these trainers will offer you incredible advantages as compared to even dumbbells and barbells. 

These suspension trainers are easily portable and as long as you have a stable anchor, they are everything that you need to experience a full body workout.

That means you can use them home, take them to work or travel and enjoy a great free exercise anywhere you are.

In that, you also get to learn how to leverage your body’s relationship with gravity. Some of the benefits that you will gain from using the suspension training straps for body weight training include:

1. The training straps engage your whole body

The suspension training straps work in a way that they use the body’s weight as well as gravity as a form of resistance. Therefore, it helps to build coordination, flexibility and overall body strength. 

With suspension training you literally get to achieve unlimited variety of body workouts.  It is an amazing tool for when you want to lose fat, improve flexibility, build on body strength or improve your coordination. With strap training you get to access a full body work out while at the same time working on your core.

2. Ideal for all levels

The suspension training straps are compatible with trainees of just about any level. While the beginners can get light resistance level, the more advanced lads can get more challenging exercises using different moves. Because strap training doesn’t have to involve the use of weights literally anyone can engage in this form of training. 

3. It improves Cardio Strength 

The suspension training straps are not only used to provide the needed resistance for working out your muscles. They can also be used for cardiovascular exercises and help you improve your cardio endurance. With the straps you can alternate fast between one exercise and the next and that makes a great cardio workout. 

4. They are low impact

Undeniably, most of the exercises we engage in could have such a jarring effect on our muscles and joints. However, the case is different with the suspension training straps as they have a very low impact on the joints. 

Hence, they are also one of the best exercises for anyone who is recovering from any form of injury. 

In Summary…

This body fitness resistance straps are one of the best TRX alternatives. We can definitely recommend them to anyone that would like a great suspension straps to workout everywhere you go, without the need for gym membership and at half the price of the original TRX.

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